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Custom dry cleaning

At Broadway Classic Cleaners each garment is treated individually; it is inspected for particular stains in order to use the right treatments for the right stain and material. We inspect for special items like beads, sequences, and specifically buttons in order to protect them from loss or damage. Our tagging system is unique for each garment in order to ensure we never lose an item.


Shirt Laundering

Many times in the morning rushing to get to work, you grab a shirt from your closet and you find it to be wrinkled or missing a button. At Broadway Classic Cleaners we make sure that will never happen to you again. Before we pack it we make sure that there are no miss-pressed parts or cracked buttons. Our tailors make minor repairs, such as replacing buttons or stitching hems. Each laundered shirt can be returned on either a hanger or folded in a box.


Wet Cleaning

Wet Cleaning is a special and gentle process friendly for the environment in which we use gentle agitation and a touch of hand care. Wet cleaning is ideal for materials such as wool and silks because it protects them from discoloration and shrinkage it also extends the life of your garment.


Alteration & Tailoring

Our tailors can handle anything from a small repair up to change shape of your favorite dress due to weight loss or changing in style.


Leather & Suede

Leather & suede cleaning is a precise art. Through the years we've seen it all. Shrinkage, cracking, color loss, everything can go wrong with improper cleaning. Our specialists know how to treat leather and suede without making it look like a cheap synthetic. After we've done with leather cleaning, we treat the garment using natural oils in order to keep the skin as soft as possible.


Fur cleaning

Normal use exposes your fur to heat and humidity, which, over time can cause the skin to dry and crack. Our furrier cleans your fur and fur-trimmed items using traditional, time-tested techniques to remove dirt and excess oil.


Vintage care

Our unique restoration cleaning processes eliminate yellowing and browning and can break down the toughest of stains.

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